My Passion For The Art Of The English Language

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In the beginning, there was an overused prepositional phrase whose only purpose was to satisfy my writer’s block. How did it all come down to this, ripping off the Bible’s introduction for a college paper? Did I learn nothing from my literary mentors? Do I not have any sense of creative dignity? Throughout my whole life, I have worked hard to make my passion for the art of the English language known, and all I have to show for it is a terrible case of writer’s block.
“In the beginning”, I was taught from the best; my writing style, all the different writing strategies were developed by reading the works of my favorite authors like Orson Scott Card, Christopher Paolini, Tamora Pierce, and Suzanne Collins. Each author brought a new technique to the table: Collins composed heart wrenching scenes in The Hunger Games; Paolini obsessed over details and character development in Eragon; and Pierce created a beautiful, believable fantasy world around her series, The Protector of the
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The experiment was successful except for two eighth graders who, after a lot of research of their own, discover a cure and liberate the school. I labored over it for a year, but the writing was barely understandable; the dialogue, clunky; and the characters, loathable. In the end, I felt that the damage was irreparable and deleted all twenty pages, a depressingly small number of pages compared to the epic I had imagined.
The experience drove me away from such devoted writing, but the prestige of the art never loosened its hold on me. My dreams are still brimming with controversy and conflict in fantasy and futuristic settings. Dragons began crawling from my pencil all over my homework, squawking at the teacher and scuffling around in the margins of my paper. Sometimes, when I can no longer control myself, I’d set everything aside, and write individual

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