Sensitization Vs Sensitiation Strategies

In the beginning, there was an overused prepositional phrase whose only purpose was to satisfy my writer’s block. How did it all come down to this, ripping off the Bible’s introduction for a college paper? Did I learn nothing from my literary mentors? Do I not have any sense of creative dignity? Throughout my whole life, I have worked hard to make my passion for the art of the English language known, and all I have to show for it is a terrible case of writer’s block.
“In the beginning”, I was taught from the best; my writing style, all the different writing strategies were developed by reading the works of my favorite authors like Orson Scott Card, Christopher Paolini, Tamora Pierce, and Suzanne Collins. Each author brought a new technique to the table: Collins
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The purpose of Learn Self Defense was to convince the audience to take some form of personal safety class, while staying semi-neutral on the gun control controversy; Sensitization was intended to teach the audience the process of an allergic reaction in a memorable, thought provoking manner. Both fulfilled their goals, but Self Defense was considered emotionally powerful whereas Sensitization was merely interesting.
I found the contrast rather intriguing, as I had previously written a research paper over allergies, which I had used as a basis for Sensitization, and the topic was still fresh and riveting to me as ever, but Self Defense’s appeal was common sense so I didn’t put much effort into the scripting. Its hook was a typical mugging incident, the jokes fell flat, and the arguments had all been made before in every other essay with the same topic, it had practically written itself. The only redeeming property I felt it had was the statistics but even those were boring, in my

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