My Passion For Reading Essay

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I’m not sure where it all started exactly but for as long as I’ve known I’ve always loved to read. My passion seemed to emerge due to the environment I grew up in and the type of person that I am. My initial passion for reading stemmed from growing up where lower income kids were given many educational resources to fare well in an academic setting so although I didn’t quite grow up in a house surrounded by books and book lovers I was often encouraged and given the support to learn how to read and continue raising my reading levels. Also I watched a lot of PBS and loved watching Reading Rainbow.
What furthered that passion for reading was myself. As a child and still to this day, somewhat, I was a very creative individual with a vivid imagination that helped me visualize the books that were read to me and that I’ve read growing up. I often daydreamed as a kid and even did so as I would read or listen to books. Reading was so visual to me to the point where words on a page became a big movie production in my head. Where I would imagine interacting with the characters in the stories like they were real or pretended to be a part of the story.
My ultimate favorite book as a child was The Little Engine That Could, which I will always remember as a book that taught me how to face adversity. I loved the character because they were someone who believed in themselves throughout their journey regardless of what others told them that they couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to do. From there…

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