My Passion For Reading : The Poison Wood Bible Essay

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The love for reading doesn’t come easily to everyone. When I was a young my mother shared her love for books with me revealing hidden worlds, daring heroes, and new ideas. It all kindled my curiosity and creativity. I carried my fascination for books when I started school. My love for reading went into hibernation as I became older; reading was still enjoyable, but had become more of a tedious job that had forced it’s way into my life. I had to learn to love reading again. I had to become like the child I once was, reading with wide eyes filled with excitement and emotions. All changed for me when a reading assignment opened my eyes once again it had sparked my passion for reading again. Reading allows you to find a world in your own mind that wouldn’t exist otherwise.
I found my love for books again from one book in particular The Poison Wood Bible. I was in my Junior English class when we were assigned to pick a classic book to read off of a list Ms. Grant my English teacher had created. Ms. Grant had been one of those teachers who I was unsure of. She had traveled the world, practiced yoga, and was young at heart. All things I love, but she drove me insane. I was constantly bothered by her snarky comments, lack of understanding and the nonexistent desire to be there. She mentioned that the Poison Wood Bible was her favorite book from the list. I still believe that you can tell a lot about a person on what their favorite book is. I was immediately curious about why this…

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