My Passion For Nursing

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I have always saw myself in the health profession, all starting with hanging signs up in my bedroom as a little girl saying “Nurse Courtney’s Office.” As I got older, my passion for nursing has continued to grow. Throughout many career fairs in grade school, I always kept my options open but always ended up right back where I started, nursing. Throughout my life I have always felt the need to care for others, all starting with my grandma suffering through breast, bone, and brain cancer when I was a young girl. As I spent time at the hospital with her, I looked up to the nurses taking care of her as superheroes, they would always bring her comfort through her hard times in the last parts of her life, and gave us the peace we needed when we lost …show more content…
Throughout my whole life I have always felt a need to help others struggling, regardless of if they were a stranger or my friend, this always reminds me of what Gods has in store me in my future as a nurse. After watching my mom go through a serious surgery a few years ago I knew that I wanted to be able to help people during their lowest times of their lives and support them as they heal, and one of the best ways to do that is by being a nurse. I do not just want to be a “normal” nurse who does the minimal every day, I want to be great and make an impact in my patients lives every day I am at work. Being very eager to get involved in any part of health care I got my very first job at 15 years old in my towns nursing home as a dietary aide and then became a nursing assistant as soon as I was old enough. Becoming a nursing assistant has shown me the backbone of nursing and has allowed me to experience some of the qualities it takes to be a nurse. I am glad I chose to become a nursing assistant at a young age because it only has made my passion for nursing grow, and has allowed me to start from the bottom of the nursing spectrum to become more experienced and humble in my job of caring for

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