My Passion For Healthcare Started At A Mass Murder Who Was A Big Time Drug Dealer

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January 29, 1994: Methodist Hospital: Gary, Indiana; the first born son to a mass murder who was a big time drug dealer. I was a premature- baby born four months early before my time, honestly and truly my passion for healthcare started at birth. During my childhood many would refer to me as “sticks” due to my premature existence; although now my weight has complimented me well over the years. I am the first oldest out of four siblings. I enjoy many things in life, such as; family time, friends, socials, traveling, theater, cooking, and body painting.
I obtained an honors Diploma from Thea Bowman Leadership Academy High School in Gary, Indiana. After graduation, I relocated to Nashville, Tennessee to continue my education at higher institution, Tennessee State University majoring in Health Care Administration and Planning. After undergrad, I plan to continue my education at John Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland, pursing Masters in Health Administration or Public Health, in addition to a PH.D in crisis management.
My inspiration for public health and healthcare was inspired by my aunt who is a successful chief nursing officer at Regency Hospital located in East Chicago, Indiana, where she has been active in the field for 23 years. My youthful days with her bring many great memories and sorrow. I remember falling asleep in my her office on numerous nights and awaking by the sounds of cries, screams, and verbal language to only witness the death of someone’s loved…

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