My Passion For Compassion By Allan Watts Essay

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My passion for Compassion

“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth”- Allan Watts.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to take a step back and flip the pages of the book of life to define yourself. I see myself in the mirror every day, but through this essay, I got an opportunity to find a time to sit down , rediscover myself and jot down in words. Looking back at all those years , I identify myself on life 's canvas as a compassionate person who looks out for people even when I am not obligated to do so. To me , compassion is not just a character trait, it is a way of viewing people’s troubles and trying to make their lives better. What has made me a compassionate person and How does my passion for compassion help me in making a difference in people’s lives? Growing up as the child of the nurse was quite an experience. My mother worked as a staff nurse at the hospital and used to visit the elderly home closer to our home on her days off to spend time, play games and attend social events with the elderly residents. I also started joining my mother when I turned ten, I can remember of an old man sitting in his wheelchair in the hallway. He was demented and confused and the only attention he was getting from the staff was when he was trying to get out of the wheelchair. I noticed that he was trying to stand up to touch the passersby. I decided to sit next to him. I went closer to him and said” I would like to sit with you for a few minutes,…

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