My Passion As A Educator Essay

1111 Words Feb 18th, 2016 null Page
A saying I have grown up with is “School helps you gain more knowledge to go to college”, but I think school has helped me find my true passion to become an educator. A teacher is one who fulfills student’s goals and needs academically, developmentally, and personally. A teacher demonstrates scholarship, lifelong inquiry, leadership, and social responsibility. One is motivated to teach to be road map and help students succeed. To follow my passion, as a future educator, I have chosen this field to be a guide for students to be not only become successful in school, but outside the classroom. Since I knew the alphabet, and learning basic math applications, I wanted to be a teacher. When I was a toddler, I did not orally speak, or make up words. My mother told me she took to the doctor’s office to figure out why I was not talking. I was not deaf, but maybe because I did not want to talk. By the age of three, I was already in preschool, with an IEP, classified with SLD, specific learning disability. This could be because my language development was developmentally delayed, or not developed at the average age. I was always identified as the student as an IEP, and growing up with my disability, I felt embarrassed and ashamed to leave my general classroom to what I always called it the “special room”. I knew at a young age I was different from the rest of my peers, and I always pushed myself to get my IEP exempted, which did not occur until my junior year in high school. After I…

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