Essay on My Parents Were Throughout The Military

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My parents were both in the military. My father has recently retired after twenty years in the United States Marine Corps, while my mother is still currently serving in the United States Air Force Reserve. I grew up under the impression that men and women are virtually the same in nearly every regard and should be treated as such in every situation. This belief was held primarily because of this military influence, in addition to my parents’ personal appearances. Both had very short hair, slight builds, similar heights, and most notably I never saw my mother or my father wearing gendered clothing when not in military garb. These are traits of their neutral gender expressions, of course, but these details are what led me to understand that one can express their gender in any way they please and still identify as a man or a woman.
Neither of my parents were particularly religious and did not raise me as such; however, when I was five years old my mother remarried to a Catholic man. I was baptized and started at a private Catholic school in California. Prior to starting school, I cannot recall a single toy of mine or television show that I had watched that was at all influential to how I “should be” or what I “should like” as a girl. In fact, I earnestly recall the torment I endured during my first years in school because I had somewhat tomboyish habits and interests. There, for the first time, I was told that dresses and skirts are the only acceptable attire for me not…

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