My Parents Should Not Be Taught Essay

1340 Words Jun 28th, 2016 null Page
I was born and raised in Snellville, Georgia with my two parents and siblings. From the beginning, I’ve always been a smart and respectful student in the classroom. I never found education to be anything “stressful”, ”hard” or something to complain about. School never really came as a concern to me, for I always aimed to do my best. In my household, slacking off and bad grades were never an option. My parents were raised to put education first, so they taught my siblings and I the same. For instance, my brother wasn’t very fond of school. He would continually give up and not try on any of his assignments. My parents decided to put him in a private school, but even then that wasn’t enough. His grades continued to drop and he showed that he didn’t care about his education or how it affected him. As a result, my parents took all of his electronics and clothes until he could get his head on straight. Both of my parents have always been very keen on education and good grades. I decided that I wasn’t going to slack like my brother had, and I was going to get good grades when I got into college. After completing high school and being motivated by my parents to study and do well, I feel that I am well-prepared for college. I say this because I know what is expected and what I am capable of doing. My parents have both completed college and my dad has a PhD. They have always expected me to have an A/B average and nothing lower. Of course throughout elementary and middle school that…

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