My Parents Made A Decision That Changed My Life Essay

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May 27, 2010, my parents made a decision that changed my life. I remember when I went home with my good final grade after my elementary graduation party. I was singing a song when I entered my house and I look across the glass wine racks saw my mom watching TV on the sofa. “ Dong, Dong, Dong” I run next to her with marble noisy and tried to tell her I got in the top five for my final grade, but she asked me a question before I got a chance to boast, “Do you want to go to America?”
America is both strange and familiar for me. My dad went to America when I was three years old, I heard many interesting things about America from him, but I had never been to America before. However, I was so confused why mom asked me this question. My mom knew that I was confused from my face and she continued on to tell me, “Your dad and I want you to go to American middle school.” After I realized what my mom had just said, I was excited because I wanted to find a find new a place where nobody knew me and where I could still be number one.
I was excited for the entire summer until the first day I went to an American School. I went to Locust Grove Middle School and became their first and only Chinese student. It is a new school that build in September of 2009. This blue and white design makes me love it when I first time walk in. I have been to some English classes when I was in China, so I felt confident I would be okay to have a conversation with American students. After the first school day…

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