My Parents Look Like Before Killing Him Essay

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or what my parents look like before killing him. I just lost the evidence of my childhood memories. I want to know why the murderers killed my parents and how my parents looked like. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I took the revenge on Antony. Sad because didn’t know any details about my parents. Since Antony was real, the second murder should also be real. The second murder who killed my parents was very powerful. His name was James. He is a gangster right now. He does various kinds of illegal activities. He is the only hope for me to know about my parents. Nobody knows where James lives. My only goal was to meet him, know about my family and kill him. When I was roaming on the streets, an old man came to me and asked me if I was Jack. Then I said yes. “Are you the one who lost your parents in your childhood” he asked. “Yeah, but who are you?” I asked. He told me that his name was Robert. He told me that I didn’t know him but he knew me. After that, he told me who he was. He was a Taxi driver. Before the two murderers came in his taxi to kill my parents. After they got of the taxi, they killed my parents and I escaped and they started running after me. Robert saw my parents getting murdered by those two murderers. After seeing this, Robert went towards my parents and my father who was barely alive gave a sac to Robert to hand it over to me. After that he called 911 but unfortunately it was too late. This is the flash back that Robert…

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