My Parents Have Their Own Expectations Essay

737 Words Oct 1st, 2015 3 Pages
Expectations are part of human experience regardless of age, gender, and race. All parents have expectations of their children. On the contrary, children have their own expectations too. Expectations are like rules; you have to follow the rules, then your parents are going to get happier as success gets closer to you. Though the goal of countless expectations from the standpoint of parent is to create path for their children, it can be complex and very different from what the children expect from themselves. I was born and grew up in the totally different atmosphere what I am living now. My parents also set up their expectations as soon as I was born or may be even before I was born. They strived to push me to the highest level of success that can be reached by 5 years old girl. My father was the one who wanted me to become an interpreter and made me learn English. I still can remember his sparkling eyes with joy when I told my first English words to him. Though I was delighted to learn new words and English songs, attending classes wasn’t my favorite activity while other 5 year-old children were playing in the yard. Reflecting back on my life I can see how my father’s dream have influenced me as Uzbek-American. Yet I didn’t become an official interpreter I’m still represented as my father’s private interpreter when we are together in English speaking countries. School became the area in which my parent’s high…

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