My Parents Got A Divorce Essay

884 Words Oct 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Everyone has gone through experiences in their lives that change them and alter the way they view life. All of these experiences good or bad mold us into the person that we are today. At a young age, my parents got a divorce, so I was exposed to a lot of change all at once. This was hard on me at first, but eventually I got used to it. Growing up I was used to living with my mom in her little apartment, attending Bose Elementary, which I loved. I had many friends and actually enjoyed going to school. One day, my mom brought home her new boyfriend. At first I did not like him at all, I was so used to it being just me and my mom, so when she had this new guy over all the time, I didn’t like the change. Eventually she asked me if I would mind if they got married. Of course I just wanted my mom to be happy, so I said I wouldn’t mind. Then she explained that we were going to move into his house. That I wasn’t all too upset about, but after she explained to me that I would have to switch schools after the summer ended, I wasn’t too happy… How could I leave all of my friends?! The only school I had ever known. I would cry to my mom about how I didn’t want to go to this new school, I wouldn’t know anyone I explained.
Finally, September came and it was time for me to attend Forest Park Elementary. I went in not knowing anybody, the first day was horrible! Everyone already knew each other and had their friend groups. I went home and complained to my mom and she told me to give it…

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