Essay on My Parents From The Vietnam War

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My parents originated from Laos and migrated to Thailand refugee camps because of the Vietnam War. When the refugee camp my parents were located closed in Thailand . My parents migrated to the United States. Fresno, California was were my parents started their new life and where I was born. At age nine my parents decided to move to Minnesota. In school, I was not the brightest student compare to my older sister. I always feel like I was disappointing my parents because I could not get the straight A’s. It was hard for me to manage household chores and keep up with my grades considering I was not interested in getting an education.
My parents have a total of 7 children and I am the second oldest in the family. As a child I always knew I had a lot of responsibilities around the house. My parents were busy working to keep the family financially stabilized. I was still a young child and could only do so much around the house. I came to the conclusion of doing well with my house chores, since I was not doing well in school. I was a curious child who likes to enjoy life and learn about the things I am curious to know, so I often get into trouble because I did not do my chores correctly and I would choose to do better in my chores then study school subjects. My one mistake during my childhood was not cherishing the education I was receiving as I was growing up. I was in school physically, but not mentally.
My family was my motivation as I move forward towards…

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