Essay on My Parents Are Bill And Christy Harris

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I was born December 24, 1996 in Gallipolis, Ohio. My parents are Bill and Christy Harris. I have five siblings; their names are Chris, Brittany, Kayla, Jaylin, and Cobe. We all do not have the same dad just Jaylin, Cobe and I do, but Cobe has a different mom then Jaylin and me. My brother Chris and my sister Brittany have the same dad, but my sister Kayla has a different dad also. The one thing we all had the same of was the house we all grew up in besides my brother Cobe he was not born yet. The start of my life really began when I was in elementary school. I will be completely honest with you I was not the best kid when I was younger. I was in trouble or in the office for something just about every day. Kids really did not talk to me, unless it was at football. The kids who played football were my only friends. Some kids would say I was a thug or would be sacred to even talk to me, because I got in trouble all the time. It really hurt my feelings cause they did not take the time to get to know me, instead they just went ahead in judged me. I understood that I was a bad kid and stuff, but that does not mean I’m a bad person. People finally started talking to me when I began junior high. They found out that I was nice, funny, and just fun to be around. That was a great feeling for me, but that did not stop the troubles I had at home. Ever sense I could remember my dad would drink a lot. He would drink so much that he would go through two thirty packs in one night. Over…

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