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Inherit the Wind Study Guide:


1. Why is the teacher arrested?
Bertham (Bert) Cates was teaching evolution to his high school biology students. 2. What is “Holy” to Henry Drummond? The individual mind was “Holy” to Henry Drummond. 3. Initially, the men on the town council are upset about the trial. Why do they change their mind?
Matthew Harrison Brady, who portrays William Jennings Bryan in real life, is coming to Hillsboro, Tennessee to be the prosecutor. This will bring many people to the town and it will be a known city on the map. 4. There is a banner draped across the front of the courthouse. Why is it an issue? What does Drummond want done about it?
The banner reads, “Read your Bible”. It is an
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23. What decision by the judge makes it virtually impossible for Drummond to win the trial?
The judge doesn’t find it admissible to allow the scientist to be questioned or the On the Origins of Species by Charles Darwin to be used in the defense.
24. Brady attacks and condemns Darwin’s book every chance he gets. How does Drummond make Brady appear foolish on this issue?
Drummond puts Brady on the stand for questioning as an expert on the Bible and asks Brady several questions about Biblical passages that defy the tenets of modern science and Drummond catches Brady off balance.
25. What biblical stories are quoted in the trial’s testimony?
Drummond then asks Brady about the episode of Jonah and the whale, and Brady says he believes that God is capable of miracles. Drummond asks about the story of Joshua causing the sun to stop, and Brady again affirms his belief in God’s power to perform miracles. Drummond asks Brady if he is aware of the implications of the sun stopping in the sky according to the modern theory of the solar system.
26. How does “original sin” become of the trial’s testimony?
In the Old Testament of the Bible, Adam sinned by eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Because of Adam's fall, “original sin” is the state of sin that characterizes all human being. Also, the original sin is Sex. Drummond poses the question to Brady when he is on the stand posing how did Adam and Eve have children if sex is a mentioned sin in the bible and it never mentions

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