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UNIT – 1 1. Differentiate between Research & Research methodology. What are the various types of Research? 2. Discuss with examples, the nature of a good & effective research. 3. Discuss with examples, the qualitative & quantitative approaches in Research. 4. Discuss the scope & importance of research.
UNIT – 2 5. Discuss the need & importance of Research design. What are the features of good research design? 6. Discuss the basic principles in research design. 7. With the help of a flow chart, explain the steps in research process. 8. “Recent increase in
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deviation, Coefficient of variation. 21. A training program is designed to improve the supervisory skills at a shop floor. The time taken by candidates to complete the program is normally distributed with mean 500 hours and std. deviation of 100 hours. Find the probability that a candidate chosen at random will i. Require fewer than 580 hours. ii. Require time between 420 hours and 580 hours. iii. More than 700 hours.
UNIT – 6 22. The bill amount of purchases made by the customers at a garment shop follows normal distribution with finite population size of 1000. The targeted mean of the bill amount of customers of the population is rs.10, 000. The variance of the bill amount of the customers of the population is Rs. 2, 50,000. The manager of the shop feels that the mean bill amount of the customers has declined from the targeted mean of Rs.10, 000. A random sample of 81 customers is taken from the normal population for which the mean bill amount is Rs.10, 250. Find whether the mean bill amount has declined from the targeted mean of Rs. 10,000 at a significance level of 0.05. 23. A foundry purchased electrodes from a vendor which claims that the mean weight of the electrodes is at least 105gms. The quality manager of the foundry has decided to verify the claim of the vendor and considers a sample of

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