My Paper On My Textbook

1130 Words Apr 6th, 2015 null Page
One week ago I was walking down the hall way when all of a sudden a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I soon realized the weight that was lifted came from my backpack full of notebooks and textbooks. My backpack had exploded and my belongings were everywhere. Embarrassed, I picked up my four textbooks and three notebooks. How was I supposed to get through a day of school with no back pack but a lot of books? That was the first problem I encountered with the textbooks. “Alright class, turn to page two hundred twenty-nine for today’s lesson”, said Ms. Jackson. Opening my textbook, I notice that my textbook was missing page two hundred twenty-nine. I raised my hand and said “Ms. Jackson, I think my textbook is missing a page.” She told me to find a way because she needed to get to the lesson. I was looking around to see if I could find a classmate that would share their textbook but it is very difficult to really share a book and really focus like you need to in a class full of teens. Talking was bound to happen. Suddenly, I thought I could use my phone to read along with the lesson because the textbook was also online. Today as in ages past, students carry books to and from their classes. The difference between the classroom of the past and the one of today is that the student of the past carried heavy books because there was really no other way to do it; the student of today don’t have to because they can carry several books on one small tablet. Technology is advancing…

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