My Papa 's Waltz And Those Winter Sundays Essay

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My papa’s waltz and Those winter Sundays are very much alike, yet still different. First, the poems have different forms and sound. Next, as you read the poems you find that both poems are about their parents, particularly their fathers. The fathers love their sons but show it in very different ways. For example, one father works hard. He keeps the house warm by going out to collect wood for the fire in the snow so his child does not have to. The other is a drunken father who dances with his child, creating a bond through the time they spend together.
My papa’s waltz is a poem about parents. The poem speaks of a young boy dancing with his drunken father. “The whiskey on his breath could make a small boy dizzy;”(cite) This line in the poem describes to the reader how drunk the father was, but how it did not matter to the young boy that his father smelled of whiskey so strong. The lines that followed tells of how the young lad holds on “like death” to his father not to lose his grip during the dance. The dance was rough for the young boy, with his father missing steps and knocking things over. “Such waltzing was not easy. We romped until the pans slid from the kitchen shelf;” (cite). They dance and romped so hard around the house that it made the pots and pans fall from the kitchen shelf, this makes me think of a stumbling drunk as they know things off the shelves and tables bouncing from place to place as they move about. Even though the dance was rough the boy hung with…

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