My Own Chess Games At A Chess Game Essay

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strategies like this requires much practice and is exceptionally advanced. I personally strive to discover and attain these strategical and tactical superior positions in my own chess games, however they are not only difficult to discover, they’re also risky for if you do not calculate a certain possibility or logical move from your opponent when you’re thinking 3 to 4 moves ahead, you make a brash sacrifice and end up in a losing position both materially, and strategically. Keeping this in mind what does it mean to have a superior position in a chess game? In general, superior positioning means the player controls more space. The more squares your pieces occupy, attack, or defend the fewer options your opponent has thus, the opponent is forced to move in ways which typically results in them weakening their position. The general rule of thumb for occupying and controlling more space is dominating the center. A player can dominate the center by pushing their pawns forward, and generally getting all their pieces close to or to the center the board. Because in the center all pieces control more squares thus controlling more space. Bishops can cut whole diagonals off, knights in the center control double the space of knights on the sides, etc. Pieces in the center become considerably more powerful and valuable as they begin to severely limit the options of your opponent.
Continuing to the tactics of chess. A chess tactic refers to a sequence of moves that limits the opponent’s…

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