My Own Biases : The Psychology Of Women Essay

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My Own Biases I believe that our text, The Psychology of Women, is a feminist book. Feminism is a basic belief that women and men deserve the same amount of respect and equality in all social, legal, and economic aspects of life. Matlin describes the definitions of feminism in those terms and also adds that a society that values the ideas and experiences of women is a feminist one which I found to be repetitive along with the idea of equality across all areas of society (page 5). The individual that wrote the amazon review claims that Matlin discusses her ideas and opinions as though they were fact. I found that the text limited information that was not objective and science driven. The vast citations throughout the text make it difficult for me to believe that what she is claiming is merely opinion based. This person’s claim that Matlin “suppresses all biological perspectives on women’s behavior” is clearly false. One of the core themes of the book was that men and women are psychologically similar. Another was that women themselves have much more variation between themselves than differences that occur between men and women. In the index alone, there are ten pages where biological explanations are discussed. I believe that being aware of our own biases allows us to look at information more objectively. Based on this person’s review, I do not believe they have a strong awareness of their own potential biases. I work hard to be aware of how my experiences have shaped my…

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