My Own Beliefs About Education Essay

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Introduction: Leadership Platform
According to Daresh (2012) “As often noted by many analysts of effective leadership in any organization, what the leader believes and his or her values will ultimately define the reality of practice in an organization” (p. 2). Therefore, it is paramount for school administrators to always have a well-prepared platform with their believes and values are expressed in a way that all can understand. This paper will present my own beliefs about education, what norms and values that I live by, Why want to be an instructional leader, what these reasons have to do with kids and what do they have to do with teachers?. Also, it will present how I envision my role as an educational leader, what I believe are the characteristics of an outstanding school, and how I can use my platform to create that school.
My Own Beliefs about Education I believe that all students are capable to learn something. Before I decided to become a teacher I thought that teaching should be directed to those who are were able to function in a regular school and that teachers should not care about those who were not learning. I thought that it was not the teacher’s responsibility to teach those who presented difficulties that were to difficulty to be addressed. When I graduated back in 1996, many teachers had the same kind of mentality as I used to have; teachers must take care of those how were worth spending the time teaching. After President Bush signed the No Child Left…

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