Essay on My Own Account On Personhood

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Eric Olson, E. Jonathan Lowe, and Lynn Rudder Baker each has different accounts for what a person is. In this paper, I will talk about their points of view on personhood and compare and contrast their ideas while talking about my own account on personhood.
Olson believes that we are all animal. As a result a person is matter that has mental features. Matter is a physical substance that has mass and occupies space, as distinct from immaterial substance like mind and spirit. Mental features are the ability to think, reason, feel, and similar, though Olson doesn’t specify which mental features are only for person. Also, an animal is a living organism, and in the case of human person, a human person is an animal that has special mental features. Then, for Olson, an embryo or a human in vegetative state are human but they cannot be considered a human person since they don’t have the mental features that a person has. Furthermore, Olson presents the Thinking-Animal Argument which says: (1) There is a human animal sitting in your chair, (2) That human animal sitting in your chair is thinking, (3) You are the one who is sitting in your chair and thinking, and conclusion: Therefore, you are an animal. For (1), he says that if you reject it, presumably you want to reject the existence of human animal everywhere. For (2), since human animal has its intelligence and special mental features, and if you deny that human animal can’t think, then human animal is not better than a…

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