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If I had to rate my overall performance in the pieces that we played as an ensemble I would have to rate that my overall abilities as a trumpet player have dropped. I would have to say that I have become more relaxed in the sense that I don’t actually try as hard to play the songs that would help me grow as a musician and improve my overall ability. Some of the things I did well this year were play the music rhythmically correct but in playing the correct notes I didn’t do as well as I should have. I think that I need to do more practice in the field of playing the correct notes but in the way of seeing rhythms I am doing actually pretty well. I didn’t enjoy as much the music as I have the music that we have played in the past. If I could change …show more content…
For example when we cut Bohemian Rhapsody we could have used the time we spent practicing Great Locomotive Chase for like the thousandth time practicing a song that we actually needed to work on and not play because it was quick and easy. I think that the band as a whole should have practiced more. At my old school to be in band you had to every week take a slip home and you had to practice for at least 8 hours and that was the way you got your participation points for that week and your parents had to sign off on how many hours you practiced that way the students had a reason to practice at home instead of just saying that they did when in reality they actually didn’t. I think that we should implement a way of enforcing practicing like that to ensure that every year the band grows in not only the ability to play but some people that are only in it for an easy A will drop the class because it isn’t so easy so that way the people in the band will actually be committed to the band and not be just in it for a GPA boost. That is what I think of my performance and ways I played this year in

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