My Organization As A Learning Organization Essay

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In agreement with Kreitner and Kinicki (2013, p. 501) a learning organization is defined as, “One that proactively creates, acquires, and transfers knowledge and that changes its behavior on the basis of new knowledge and insights.”

Not to mention, a learning organization has the ability to intensify the magnitude that we absorb and master the necessary skills or information needed to reshape the manner in which processes take place (Gephart & Marsick, 1996).

I would classify my organization as a learning organization. The organization invests in our learning, development, and advancement. Within our organization, they ensure that we are capable of performing our job. They bring forth training opportunities, workshops, and classes that facilitate our capability to do our jobs effectively and efficiently. During our work retreats, we gain lessons that equip us to handle the day to day duties we need to get our job done and further the growth of the organization. Nonetheless, my organization 's concern is about obtaining excellence and success for its employees and they promote that at all costs. Learning organizations classify as very essential and important aspects of a business. They make certain that you have the needed and necessary abilities to sustain your organization and job duties (Bethel University, n.d.).

Furthermore, my reason as to why I would classify my organization as a learning organization is because they encourage and expect accountability…

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