My Opinion On My Writing Essay

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Notably, as a teenager I wrote a horrible academic essay in an easy English class in the 10th grade, and received a D. By way of contrast, as an adult I wrote an excellent research essay in an English class as a freshman in college, and received an A. Though, I made horrible mistakes on my personal essay as a teenager, I believe my writing has improved tremendously due to a research essay I wrote. For one thing, as a teenager in the 10th grade I wrote a horrible essay that received a non-passing grade, but now as an adult in college I proved I could write an excellent academic paper because I received an A on an essay that I wrote my freshman year of college. As a matter of fact, my teenage years were full of many horrible writing memories that I will never forget. Specifically, my worst writing memory as a teenager was when I did horrible in my 10th grade writing class. More importantly, this was when I wrote an essay based off my personal opinion, and received a D for my own personal opinion. However, I soon came to realize that I was not graded solely by my opinion, but more by the way my essay was composed. At first, I was horrified and shocked to receive such a degrading score because I put a lot of effort in to write that personal essay. Moreover, I thought possibly the teacher did not like what I was writing about, because my essay was about Eminem’s touchy personal lyrics. Above all, I took complete and utter responsibility for my badly graded essay. Even…

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