My Opinion On My Favorite Teacher Essays

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In my family it is almost required that we have a love for reading and learning, this trait definitely didn’t skip over me. As soon as I learned how to read it became enjoyable and it’s what I wanted to do. In elementary school we would all have to take a test that assessed our “reading ability”, and every time my results were that I was at a “high school or above reading level” so from there I read chapter book after chapter book. Here is where one of my favorite teachers comes in, she was my third grade teacher Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Taylor really encouraged my reading, she would always recommend great books to me such as “The Tail of Despereaux”, and the “Gregor the Overlander” series. Mrs. Taylor was most definitely an enormous influence for me. At this point in time I was also loving school, loving the whole learning process, it was amazing! However; something then happened that would have an effect on my outlook on education. I moved to Florida, everything was different, all of the students in my grade were so far ahead of me. I began to get B’s and C’s on assignments even D’s and F’s, that had never happened to me before and it was frustrating. I felt hopeless, I went from getting really good grades to getting not so good grades and it was devastating for me, for the first time in my life I felt stupid. Why were all of the students here so much smarter than I was? Why were these subjects suddenly so difficult for me? Well, it turns out that the school I moved to was way…

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