Essay about My Opinion On Healthy Child

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In my opinion a healthy child is a child who is cognitively, emotionally and physically performing to their best abilities and who is thriving in all aspects. All areas should have an equal amount of attention from a parent to make sure that their child remains healthy and happy. Raising a healthy child can be both strenuous but rewarding. A lot of parents strive to obtain the goal of raising healthy children, where as some parents fail to even recognize the importance of their child’s over all health. The main thing that makes a healthy child is parenting. How the parents are being involved, engaged, and encouraged. Good parenting can promote honesty, cooperation, empathy, self-esteem, self-control, joyfulness, and even thoughtfulness just to name a few in children. It can also protect against a child from developing different kinds of abuse and disorders that are caused by them, depression, become antisocial, and anxiety. So good parenting styles are important over the course of your children’s lives. When I become a parent I will want to use different parenting strategies and techniques to ensure that I can help my children become healthy and the best that they can be. Some examples would be being a good role model through my life and my marriage, laugh and joke with my children, create rules and follow them, not be a harsh discipliner, show respect to my children, play and engage in activities, become involved in my children’s lives, and most importantly love my…

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