My Opinion On College Career Essay example

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College career students come across classes that they are forced to take. Whether it’s a gen-ed (general education), a core requirement, or prerequisite for another class. From that many students come to the conclusion that the classes they come across as believed to be a waste of time, regret taking the class , most of the time they either didn’t learn anything. But from taking this course I can honestly say I learned a lot of things that are useful. Writing is a crucial way in one expressing themselves. You can tell one’s understanding of something through writing.
Throughout my life I struggled with voicing my opinion and thoughts. Growing up I was told that I couldn’t say or question someone’s actions. I always had to comply with someone’s orders, never really able to express myself. If I did try and express myself I would often times get into trouble. I was never given the opportunity to share or express any of my ideas I had it all locked up in my head. Often times I would result to writing down my thoughts. From taking this course I am able to grow as a writer. This course had opened me up to new experiences. I never experienced having a whole class read any of my stories. At first I was very uncomfortable and nervous with one of the requirements were having the class read each other’s stories. I was very nervous when it came time for the class to read my story. Many thoughts pondered in my head like this story is stupid, why I took this course, or why…

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