Essay about My Opinion, Evil, Or Evil?

740 Words Oct 11th, 2016 3 Pages
In my opinion, evil exists. Without evil, how would we know what good is? Killing someone may be classified as evil, holding a door open for someone may be considered good, while not greeting someone you know may fall in between. This is sometimes confusing, depending on a situation, to decide if something is classified as “evil”. There are different definitions of evil, depending on law, dictionaries, philosophy, and religion. Since there are different views on evil, there are different definitions. A dictionary definition as immorality and depravity. However, many philosophers think we should get rid of the term “evil” as many say it is outdated. At the end of the day, philosophers think evil is “very very bad”. On the religious side, (specifically Catholic), evil is regarded at what should not exist. My view of evil would be something that is gravely bad. For example, wanting to kill someone and doing it is evil. However, thinking a mean thought about someone may considered bad, but not evil. Examples of evil would be serial killers who know what they are doing, and mass murderers like Hitler and Stalin. Different people, religions, dictionaries and more have many various definitions for evil. In different cases, evil may exist in one situation but not in another. For example, planning to and then killing someone is simply evil. However, if a driver does not see a pedestrian and accidentally kills them, this is not exactly evil, since it was not meant to be done. Also,…

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