My Opinion About News Thinking Essay

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Self Profile Assignment

Although I often share my opinion about news thinking that it is an opinion I created, there are many factors that have helped to shape my perspective, and make it what it is today. My parents, a Canadian news source and travelling the world are all important factors that have had a profound impact on my perspective. Being self aware about how your views of the world have been affected by others is exceedingly important, and something everyone should be aware of.

Factors That Have Influenced My Perspective:
Although news and current world events, are often things I primarily watch or read on my own, my parents have made a significant things. It is hard following news and world issues, when you are quite young, and fundamentally not curious. Almost every night, I watch the news with my parents, and I have noticed that their views on issues are usually affected by their empathy and concern of the people involved. As well as its effect on the economy. These perspectives have impacted me. One of the first things I think about when I am confronted with an issue, is how it affects, or is affected by the economy, as well as how the people are impacted by it. The influence of my parents on my opinions likely occurs due to how influential they are in my life. There are no people whose opinions I have grown to respect as much as my parents, which is why they have impacted my perspective so greatly.

My parents might have shaped the way I watch…

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