Essay about My Observations At Stockard Middle School

781 Words May 31st, 2016 4 Pages
I was able to observer four, interview three and hang out with two amazing teachers while on the field this semester. My observations this time around were so much better than the last semester. I observed at Stockard middle school again but in a whole different class environment, and L O Donald elementary exceeded my expectations, Due to end of the year exams at Stockard, I had to observe to band teacher Ms. Smith. Her classes where all different form one another, but all the students were very enthusiastic to attend her class. Because it was the students las day in her class they had to clear out their binders and instrument cases, they also had to clean the instatement and place them in storage. Her system was first everyone sits at their seats cleaning the instruments, after some put away their instrument in storage with the rest clean out their case binder and other belonging, this system allowed the students to do all of that quietly and productively. The students were all very attentive to her and everything she instructed them to do. Towards the end of the my day with her I had the opportunity to ask how she got her middle schoolers so well behaved because from what I had experience before teacher had to constantly ask their student to follow directions. She explain to me that she had told the students that during ACP week since they were not allowed to leave school early, she would consider playing a movie in the auditorium is they behaved and followed directions…

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