My Observation On Classroom Management Essay

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Walking into Ms. Vanneman’s first grade class on the first day of my observation, I expected first grade to be an extension of kindergarten. I thought that first grade was the transitional period before real learning took place. I expected the students to still be learning about shape, size, color, the alphabet, and proper classroom etiquette. I was quickly proven wrong and my expectations were blown. This first grade class was reading, spelling, solving math problems from memory, writing paragraphs, and for the most part was really well behaved. I was so captivated and amazed at the fact that these five – six year olds could write paragraphs. Not only could they write paragraphs but they actually understand the structure of them. I sat there thinking to myself wow she’s a magician. Throughout the course of my observation and my curriculum and instruction class I came to the realization that Ms. Vanneman is not a magician, she’s a teacher utilizing effective instructional methods. The main thing I learned through my observation is that classroom management is key. Ms. Vanneman’s classroom management skills are impeccable. Part of the reason I wanted to stay away from 1st grade was class room management. 1st graders have the reputation of being very wiggly and not quite classroom ready. However, Ms. Vanneman has her class completely under control and she does so using basic/practical methods. Ms. Vanneman ensures that the day flows smoothly and the classroom environment…

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