Essay about My Observation Of The Dining Setting

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The dining setting that I have chosen to observe was Yogurtland. Once I arrived at Yogurtland approximately eight at night, the shop was quiet with only a few customers in the store. There was a small group of two girls and one boy who looked like they would be in high school sitting at a table talking and laughing. On the opposite side of the room, there was a girl who was sitting alone eating yogurt while on her phone. When I got my yogurt and sat down, the environment was quiet and mellow. The only noise was music that was playing in the shop and the group of young adults laughing and talking. Within 20 minutes into the observation, the group of young adult and the female left. Small families and individuals would come into Yogurtland, but the environment still stayed mellow. However, the last ten minutes of the observations, more and more people of small families and groups came into Yogurtland. By the end of my observation, the Yogurtland that I observed was crowded.
After my observation, I noticed a common emotion among the different groups. During my observation, I observed individuals in a group and notice how they interact with their group to determine the emotions and behavior. I also observed people who came alone to Yogurtland and observe their actions and body language. My theory to my observation is that the reason people are eat frozen yogurt is because frozen yogurt is generally associated with a positive emotion. Even if people were in small groups or alone,…

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