Essay on My Observation Of The Classroom Observation

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I was privileged enough to do my classroom observation in a place near and dear to my heart, my hometown high school in Sidney, MT. I was invited into Mrs. Lang’s classroom where she taught a variety of classes. Mrs. Lang teaches culinary arts I and II, fashion I and II, early childhood education, child development, and international foods. What I love most about this school is how friendly and supportive the students and staff are. During the day, Mrs. Lang teaches freshman to seniors and even at one point- preschoolers! Most of the classes are what you would expect them to be except for the early childhood education class. In this class, the high school students act as the teachers to the preschoolers. I love the high school as a whole, but I did not like the setup of the particular classroom I was in. I observed in a Family and Consumer Sciences room, so there were multiple stoves and cupboards on the outside edges of the room with six tables in the middle.
I feel honored to have observed in Mrs. Lang’s classroom, she supplied me with many handouts and tidbits of information. While taking notes, I found myself repeatedly writing down that Mrs. Lang was interactive, enthusiastic, and engaging. She was very involved with the student’s and their activities, and she was truly concerned about their well-being. Mrs. Lang has been teaching for quite some time, so she seemed to have a good grip on what works in the classroom and what does not.
Observing in Mrs. Lang’s classroom…

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