My Observation Of An Esp Class At Brac University Essay

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In this document, I will describe my observation of an ESP class at BRAC University. The purpose of this report is to reflect on the teacher’s teaching strategies and class environment in relation with what I have learned in my teaching practicum class. The one and half hour lesson conducted on 29th may 2016.
Pre Observation Conference

I had a Pre observation conference with the teacher to know a brief overview about the class. I had discussed class size and level; there were 30 students who were beginners 20 of them were male and 10 female. The teacher said that the focus of this class was writing and his goal was to use writing activities to help them develop second language acquisition. I had also briefly discussed the activities that he was doing that day. The students were working on a writing assignment about the topic sentence and describe everything to make his lesson plan meaningful, useful or relevant for students. The instructional materials were BIL Booklet and Microsoft PowerPoint because PowerPoint has visual images which is more effective and it shows a kind of smartness. He used PowerPoint to advance students learning. The learning outcome of this lesson was students will be able to writing topic sentence recognize it and write a paragraph. The teacher said that formative assessments will be used in the lesson.
A General Overview of the Lesson

Subject: Writing
Aim: Ss will learn and practices of topic sentence.
Teacher: Mohammad…

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