My Observation At The Local Park Essay

1031 Words Jun 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Tuesday, May 28, 2016, I visited the local park in my neighborhood which would be the site of my observation paper. This park is unique in structure as its theme consists of large tires, wooden planks, and steel. It’s situated on a large hill, so the play area actually has an upper and lower level. Noted for its untraditional slide that has the appearance of being a large wide flat piece of metal, with an extreme slop that starts at the top of the hill and ends at that bottom.; it’s the most popular park in the neighborhood. The oversized slide is fit for adults, nothing like the common sliding board. Because it was a beautiful day, the park was relatively crowed as several parents had brought their children out to enjoy the nice weather. Out of all the people visiting the park I chose to do my observation on a grandmother and her 1-year- old grandson. The baby was seemingly short in statue, when compared to the other babies his age but also rather advanced in speech and communication as well as his overall behavior. The grandmother looked to be about age 50 and was very protective of her grandson. She kept a close eye on the baby and was reluctant to let him journey off alone. In observing their interaction I decided to examine how the concept of autonomy, applied to the pair. The first example I noticed where the toddler took imitative and insisted on doing things his way was attempting to go on the big slide. Because the slide is large, the grandmother felt it was not…

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