My Observation Assignment : Starbucks Essay

2004 Words Nov 30th, 2016 9 Pages
The setting for my observation assignment was the Starbucks, in Gibsonia area, near my house. The day I choose to observe took place on Sunday, November 27th, between the time of ten o’clock and eleven o’clock after church hours. The next day, will take place at Mugsies near Westminster College between the time of eleven o’clock and twelve o’clock during lunch hour. The specific location was a busy-like area where there was limited parking for incoming customers. Prior to my arrival, I make a hypothesis about what I was expecting to see during the time spent observing the people and employees. My hypothesis indicated that I assumed that higher class individuals would stop in Starbucks rather than middle or lower class individuals. The first customers were three people at one table all together. There were two ladies and one male talking and catching up. I was sitting a few tables away and was able to hear the ladies gossip obnoxiously about their personal lives. The first lady had a fashionable hairstyle. She was wearing a pink sweater, with big bulky looped earrings. The lady was wearing leopard print high heels. Placed on the table was the woman’s purse rather than on the chair beside her. I believe the woman wanted to draw attention to her new purse because it was Coach. This symbolizes the woman as being snobby because she didn’t want to put purse on the floor to get dirty. Also, this indicated that this woman was established as higher class. The second lady had her…

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