My Objectives Of Internship

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1.0 Objective of internship
1.1 Specific KSA and personal goals
On 26 December 2016, I, WEI CHENGPEI, obtain an internship opportunity to work in the finance department of Shanghai HeYu Trading Co. (HeYu). During this internship period, I aim to achieve four key skill areas that are the business awareness, professional judgment, application of technical skill and communication skill that set by the university.
Initially, I want to be an accounting staff but turn out the intern position I received is the assistant to chief financial officer (CFO), which means I hold a great responsibility within the company that I ought to prepare the meeting materials for CFO, organise the related financial documents, participate in making the monthly, quarterly,
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As I am thoughtful in dealing with issues, I spend much more time compare to others to think about the possible solutions and seek to find the best way to solve the problems. This caused me indecisive when I make decisions, especially in big issues. To overcome this, I need to develop and practice my critical thinking skills and discuss my opinions with colleagues. Once I am in a right direction, the decisions can be made faster. Besides that, poor time management is another factor that limits me in achieving my personal goals. To overcome this, I will plan beforehand and set the timeline for myself to keep things on track.
2.3 opportunities
Thank my friendly and supportive colleagues and supervisor who willing to provide help when I needed. They generously introduce the company history and structure in the orientation day. They provide me the great opportunity to expose the company culture and make me have confidence that I can achieve my goals during this internship period. 2.4
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The weekly tasks are assigned to the head of each department and then the managers decide and allocate the specific task to followers on their own.
During the first day of orientation, the colleagues take me walk around the company and give me a general idea about the company history, values, and structure. I know that He Yu expand its product line, now it produces and supplies dry edible fungi, sea-food and flavouring. I spend first few days to discuss my personal goals and my internship objective with my work supervisor.
From second to third week, I am required to collate the company’s recent ten years of financial documents and organise in orders. It took me two weeks to sort and rearrange the various financial documents such as income tax on enterprises annual tax return, company’s cost of sales report, accounting vouchers and so on.
For the following weeks, I plan to draw a note that list down the technical words in both Chinese and English visions, cause from the first three weeks I find out there are many technical works that are new to me. To complete my internship goals, I plan to work harder because I believe practice makes

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