My Nursing Goals for the Next Three Years Essay

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My nursing goals for the next three years.
Nursing is a career which I believe that needs to come from the heart and I have at all times appreciated with respect. My aim in doing my education in nursing was because I always wanted to achieve an extended and successful profession in the health and medical field. I suppose the responsibilities of a nurse can be very demanding and frantic in certain instances but nothing can be equal to the joy and satisfaction it brings. There are many specialized areas in the field of nursing but I was particular interested in the mental health field. I have had a chance to experience mental healths nursing during one of my placements .There are a few goals which I would like to achieve within the next
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Educating them on the particular nursing and medical procedures and emergency protocols in specific units is important. Assisting with changes to their lifestyles for examples managing financial matters and arrangements to working alternating shifts. Also providing support for working with experienced nursing staff, physicians and other multidisciplinary team members. Proper mentoring support should be established so that NG can rely on their mentors for support and guidance when faced with difficulty. Introduction to more complex clinical scenarios should take place strategically and steadily making sure that primarily (for the period of the first 12 months of practice) the new graduates are allocated to a more consistent and fairly stable clinical setting which will help them to improve their confidence. It is also important to provide feedback more regularly and frequently in order to improve and redirect their knowledge and skills and also it is essential to provide NG an opportunity to share safe clinical experiences with their peers and other seasoned RNs (Thomka 2007, Gazza and Shellenbarger 2005 and Halfer and Graf 2006).

Development of a learning plan based on the learning priorities during the graduate year with reference to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Continuing professional development is a resource by which nursing professional preserve,

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