My Nursing Experiences Affecting My Future Experience In Patient X

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Over the past few weeks, I have been fortunate enough to work in my community placement, The Children’s Aid Society (CAS), and gain insight into numerous nursing situations that I believe will alter my future practice. One of the situations I encountered involved working with and gathering a general health history on a child, Patient X, with a possible attention deficit.
During my second week of placement, I was fortunate enough to gather personal health histories from a few patients. One of the patients that stuck out to me in this time was Patient X, who has recently come in the care of CAS and placed in a foster home. This was my first time meeting Patient X and her foster mother. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to meet these two at Patient X’s annual three-month visit and gain insight into her foster mother’s current concerns, which were pertaining to Patient X’s lack of focus at home and in school. In order to gain this insight into this concern, I was able to drawn on my previous general and focused assessment skills learned in year one, which included asking open-ended questions and allowing the foster
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My knowledge expanded as I learned that some patients, such as Patient X’s foster mother will provide you will all the information needed to be gathered without needing the nurse to ask multiple questions. I also learned that it is important to keep a child around Patient X’s age distracted while talking to his or her foster parent(s) about sensitive topics that could possibly upset them. Lastly, my knowledge of assessing patients expanded in this situation, as I was able to gather an extensive history on a real patient for the first time since I have begun this

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