My Nursing Career Essay

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My Nursing Career Journey

Nursing is a professional career that can be challenging for most people. To be a nurse, it does require you to have some of these few characteristics: understanding, patience, knowledgeable, friendly, respectful, flexible, caring, emotional stable, and most of all kind. There are many more qualities involve to be a good nurse; it is a never-ending learning experience when you enter the world of nursing. Seem tiring, isn’t it? But very rewarding at the same time! Helping a stranger, caring for someone that is not related to you, and taking care of sick people when there is no one else is there for them during those hard times can mean a lot in many ways. A nurse job can vary on where they are assign, it can be bed
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LPN duties involve passing medications, wound treatment, educating patients and families regarding health issues, medication use and their side effects, working along with a doctor or registered nurse. LPN wok along with CNA’s under RN supervision. I successfully finished my LPN school and up to this day, I am currently working as LPN at the VA hospital. Constant learning and exploring more about nursing is very interesting; there is always something to learn about. I am very careful working as LPN because at my job, I am giving medications to sick people. Making sure it is the right medication, right dosage, right amount, right route and of course the right patient! I also developed being compassionate to others. I will always put myself to their shoes, sometimes it does help me to have more patience especially when I am getting tired from work. I have learned to talk to others in some difficult situations, like for example; when I must deal with a family member that have a terminally ill mother. In some situation, sometimes these people want somebody to listen. Since I used to work as an CNA before, it helps me also understand more the duties of my colleagues. I make sure that they are getting enough help because their job can be physically and emotionally difficult at times. I also did not put it on my head that I have better position than them although LPN is superior than

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