Becoming A Nurse: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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As I embark on becoming a nurse, I began to realize that nursing is a very demanding field. My personal philosophy for nursing is centered toward making my nursing career a life fulfilling experience for my patient and myself through what I believe is provision of nursing quality care based on knowledge improvement. To make nursing a fulfilling experience, there should be an understanding that you should have a continuous search for knowledge to improve the practice of nursing to give better care and benefits to the patient. I believe that the patient should be at the center of my care plan and each patient should be treated as a unique individual and not as a sick body that must tended to. As a nurse, I believe that you must understand the way that the patient see’s the world and what they wish to achieve and be a patient advocate and stand up for their needs especially when he or she cannot do so. I believe that nursing is both a practice and a discipline. As a nurse, I know that I must …show more content…
It will help to incorporate my philosophy of nursing in my academic work and future career as a nurse. As a professional, I will be open to life-long learning because nursing is everchanging and evolving to be better and more efficient to provide the best possible care to patients. In terms of nursing as a discipline, I understand that I must utilize all the continuing education that is available. I believe that an educated nurse is a confident nurse by staying up to date of all new technology, protocols, techniques and staying current on evidence based practices. I feel that I have already experienced growth in these first few classes as a nursing student filled with both challenges and small victories. I plan to take what I have learned into my future care plans as a nurse and I am excited to see what the future has in

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