Essay on My Note On Writing And Writing

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I can not really say that I have always liked writing. When I write, it is more of my mind talking on paper instead of my mouth talking. Some things sound better in my mind than they do when I read them out loud. I never did write much at home unless I had to do English homework, but when I did write I wrote pages. I gain this focus feeling that once I am into something I just can stop because once I do, I will just completely forget about it and be busy with another project.

I remember when I was in fourth grade I was at my lowest point in writing. Our class had to learn cursive, start using pen, and neatness was key to success. I struggled in all those points. I had to keep scribbling out my ugly cursive, which caused a terrible mess on the binder paper. My sentence were horribly written out. I have to say I dreaded to let my homeroom teacher see my paper because I was not the brightest student in the class. There was this “if I was president” paper we had to write and I had to rewrite the paragraph at least 5 times. I am not honestly sure if I had spelling mistakes or my handwriting in cursive is just chicken scratch, but I felt embarrassed to show her my work. Towards the end of school year, my teacher told me that I have good grammar when I speak, so I should write as if I am speaking it out loud.

From my memories, the first time I ever started free writing was freshmen year in high school one of the hardest English teachers. She was rather tedious, but I still…

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