Essay on My Note On Teaching Bratty Brothers

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Teaching Bratty Brothers
Do you like to strive to help others learn and grow as a person? When you’re teaching someone to read you need to have patience and the desire to help them get better. I had to help teach my little brother how to read because I was around him the most while my parents were working. We would stay at my grandparents house while my parents worked. My brother and I always would end up getting mad at each other and would stop reading for the day and worked more the next day.
There wasn’t one certain step of the whole learning process that was harder than another, it was all very challenging. My brother had trouble speaking when he was little so it made it more challenging for all of us because we were also teaching him how to speak properly. Most of the time we would work on reading we would sit outside at our picnic table on the lawn. If it was way too hot outside, raining, or too windy we would stay inside. My little brother used to hate reading and would throw hissy fits every time we told him it was time to read.
Surprisingly now he loves reading and reads more books than I do lately. I don’t mind teaching other people how to do things, but I hated teaching my brother to read. I do feel like teaching him to read did help my reading skills. When I used to teach my brother he didn’t like to sit still and was always distracted. I enjoyed it because that means I didn’t always have to be serious but I was still able to help him somewhat. There wasn’t a…

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