My Note On My Writing Essay

1021 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
Throughout my high school years, I was known to be “the one shy kid” in class. I was always afraid to ask a question when I didn’t understand a subject. I would say my weakness were my english classes and writing essays. Being bilingual messes up thoughts and words that go through my head when writing a paper. I was afraid when having an english class in college, the professor would point me out or give negative comments about my writing. My goal was to write a paper so my professor would be impressed. From this class I wanted to achieve self confidence about my writing and learn more about the sentence structure.

The way I started to draft my papers this semester was different to the way I was drafting in the past. For my previous papers that I had, I started writing without having a well organized outline. Yes, sometimes I did have an outline but it wasn 't as specific as during this semester 's English 101 class. For example, let 's say the topic was about war, in the past a topic in my outline I would just include terrorism. Now however, I expand on the topic I want to talk about by writing side topics I will include in that paragraph such as; what caused terrorism?, how war relates to terrorist attacks and ISIS. With having a more specific outline I was able to complete my essays without getting stuck on a section. This has improved my writing because in the past I would repeat phrases that I used in my essay already to have the minimum pages required but with the…

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