Adoption Case Study

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The Adoption Starts

Within the Canadian agency my niece’s case was forwarded to their adoption agency and they recommended that we find our representative agency in Florida to help us with the application and international adoption process. By chance, one of the very few state adoption agencies was about a mile from my place. I don’t believe in luck, still holly frijoles this was a sign if you are the type that is looking for them. I’m not. My wife and I visited the agency and they played the adoption scenario for us and the costs. They already had been contacted with their Canadian counterpart and they were shocked that Canada was willing to pay for part of the adoption. “This is unheard off” they explained and I then told them of the tail
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The file was making many assumptions because much of the information was nonexistent, speculative, and either the mother didn’t cooperate or just didn’t know herself. Long story short, my sister had given Amanda to several people to look after; family, friends, and once she ran out of people to pawn Amanda to, she gave the child to CAA. Then, she decided to take the child back from CAA, this was around Amanda’s 4th birthday. CAA recognized they made a mistake returning AJ to her mother at that time and were unable to stop my sister then and/or track her down. At that time there were no significant signs of abuse or neglect and once my sister left their site she was untraceable as she has a virtually invisible social finger print, no properties, loans, job, family, bank account... A few years later my sister returned AJ to CAA care at age 6. I guess Ashley thought CAA was some sort of depository babysitting program? A few months later, Ashley returned to collect her daughter and at this time CAA was not going to allow this on and off situation to continue as the child was obviously stressed and the mother not able to care for her. A court challenge began from my sister to regain possession of her child that at first granted her custody with supervision from her boyfriend; this was her then and now current boyfriend Sam. Custody was granted as long as Sam was supervising the relationship between my sister and AJ. However, once

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