My News Media Product, News Site / Information Site Essay

1456 Words Nov 9th, 2016 6 Pages
My news media product is news site / information site about everything fashion fitness that is sponsored by the fitness fashionable Lululemon. From what to wear, where to go, what and where to eat, and who to follow, Sweat and the City has got you covered. Fitness now days is not just about staying fit in your old sweat pants, running around the city aimlessly, and looking gross while dripping sweat. Fitness today is wearing the right outfit, eating the new right food in perhaps the newest fitness promoting restaurant, and going to the new hot workout spot. That is where Sweat and the City comes into play, keeping its fashion fitness readers informed on the latest fashion fitness trends. The ideal target audience of Sweat and the City are women ages eighteen to thirty who live in the city of Chicago. These will be the women who like to stay fashionable and trendy while getting their sweat on. While there are similar fitness blogs and out there targeting this same audience, they are only touching base on general well-being advice. While Sweat and the City wants to provide its audience with similar information, it also aims to be there for its audiences to provide them with the latest fitness trends that are not just effective, but also fashionable throughout its four content tabs ( fit places, fit fashion, fit foods, and fit celebs ). The intended ownership structure of Sweat and the City will be of a sole proprietor that will have a sponsorship contract with the…

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