Essay on My New Years Resolution By Micalyn Foreman

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YouTuber, Micalyn Foreman, goes against society 's standard of beauty

Micalyn Foreman is a inspiring woman who stands for women empowerment and being true to who you are. Her YouTube videos have touched many women and have inspired them to be confident and embrace their natural beauty as well. You can follow her on Instagram at miccheckk12.

1. What made you become interested in YouTube and making videos about hair and beauty?

It started when I chose to go natural. I use to straighten my hair every two weeks. My hair became shorter and shorter. I started looking up solutions for my problem on YouTube and I found out about the natural hair movement. I wanted to grow my hair back and make it more healthy. After doing research and looking things up online, I found out a lot of useful information. YouTube is a tool where you can put your ideas up and help others. It took me years to build up the courage to start one. My New Years resolution was to make my YouTube and share my ideas. I found out that it was really something that I loved you to do.

2. Do you feel that many African American women should consider having their natural hair and stray away from European standards of beauty?

I feel women of color should go natural. When you are natural, you have the option to straighten your hair. It is more about just having healthy hair. I found out that going natural really helps you find yourself. It changes your perspective on life. Since it is such a stigma that your…

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