College Admissions Essay: This New Year Of My Life

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This New Year is going to be like no other, considering the fact that it began on a
Monday. Even though Sunday is technically the start of a new week, Monday is really the day when you go out there and work hard, as it is known as the day when you have to go back to school or work. This makes me feel as if I can accomplish so much more than I already have in previous years. The previous year, 2017, is put behind me and I have the whole year of 2018 ahead of me to accomplish many goals. In 2018 I hope to achieve success in my academics and athletics in order to get into a nice school through scholarships, help Dr. Rye and his team at
Emory sleep center further research into sleep disorders to help others out there just like me, and build a closer
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My main focus back then was the people in my life. I admit that some of the relationships with people was toxic, but I was scared of letting go in fear of being alone.
Middle school was an emotional roller coaster for me. I consistently put my everything into just about every person that waltzed into my life because I wanted them to feel appreciated. People took that for granted and I was stepped all over. Eventually, I began to fall back from everyone in my life, including my family over the hurt that I repeatedly felt from those that I loved so much. That's something that I truly regret. Some people that I pushed away might've actually had good intentions for me. I know that my family loves me very dearly and would do anything for me. I pray that 2018 is the year that I can finally begin to open back up to those that do care for me. A lot can happen in a year. The previous year, 2017, was undoubtedly one of my worst and best years in so many ways. I experienced an emotional rollercoaster through the beginning of the year up into the middle of the year. I went through something that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. During that time, it was a struggle for me to even get up and push myself to

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